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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Manifest Destiny

Mind Blowing coincidence

I was thinking about a plan for a new web service. I had this great idea. Let me begin with a prelude. I often feel frustrated by the fact that the Internet is not what it used to be. I feel oppressed by the web crawlers that search out my location and limit my global experience. I believe in supporting my logicality but I don't want my experiences limited by marketing.

I have been stuck in somewhat of a rut for a period of time now. I tend to go online and get stuck chasing the same information wave daily. First I check my messages, E-mail or what have you. Then I'm off to the familiar connection routes, Face book or My space. Then I get sucked into this absent world of meaningless applications.

I'm lost and my experience has ended with no lesson learned.

As I consider my resources and unfulfilment, I decide on a project. How can I navigate (my way). I want to build a site that takes the user to interesting places online. I am talking about the excitement of adventure. An adventure that still lets the user access their familiar links but navigates them towards personal interest and new information without having to know where to go. Before Yesterday, I had to have something in mind in order to navigate to a site. Not to mention when you type in a keyword, the amount of garbage one has to sift through in order to be released from the amount of junk that has been tagged by that particular key word.

Now I am getting to the best site ever. To bad for me, the idea was already put into motion. However, I am not disappointed.

In all that is coincidental, my thoughts colliding with (stumbleUpon)and had me walking on sunshine!

Add Stumbleupon to your toolbar,select your interest, and discover the web.

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