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Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Am I?

What am I?
I am positively the best ever. I am absolutely the best on record. I am always surpassing myself. My past is negligible, my future a matter of universal concern and infinite conjecture. Most people profess a prophetic vision of me, but birds and animals know more about me than they do. Everybody complains of me, but nobody ever does anything to correct or improve me. What am I?
I hope you enjoy my photo. I call it "Cracked Earth." My son says that a giant came and stepped on the lake and his shoe soaked up all the water. He has another version of the story also. The first I heard of this cracked earth was that an alligator had drank all the water.
We have a few little ponds around our neighborhood. One of which this picture was taken at. One day last week we stopped and looked at how low the water had gotten at our little pond. There is usually an abundance of life there. Turtles, fish, perhaps an alligator, and some birds. It is a cute little spot great to walk around for an afternoon stroll.
We Need Rain...
Not only had the water at the pond begin to recede, we watched as giant turkey buzzard flew down to eat the fish that had lost their home. We thought at first glance that we saw hawks circling above the pond. Then we rationalized our thoughts and remembered that hawks are solitary hunters.
We have a variety of wildlife that live in our urban environment. I have seen a hawk fly by with a mouse in his mouth as well as one with a smaller bird. There are two eagles that prefer a larger pond in the neighborhood. They dive down and pluck the fish from the water. There is a flock of green parrots that provides us with a grand cacophony as they fly to their favorite tree.
The trees in Florida....
The trees are full of pollen right now. A layer of green dust residue has attached itself to every eligible surface imaginable.
So here all life is waiting for the weather to change.
your answer..

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