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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Buddha Told me to go to the Meadow

One night last week I was watching a program on T.V. It was about a woman that believed God spoke directly to her. She was a Mormon in Utah. She would sit on a cliff of rocks and talk to God while looking off into the vastness. She ends up predicting her own death. But authorities suspect foul play. Here is the link.

I go to sleep this very night….and have a dream but,
In my dream…..

Buddha speaks directly to me. He say’s go to the meadow. How could I not oblige his wishes. After all he is a sacred being.
I kept this thought in my head as
I tossed and turned through out the night. I am laying in a field of grass.
The bees are buzzing steadfastly through the blades of grass.

(Butterfly harvesting and bee keeping are close to my heart.)

Three Ibis forage the lawn for lunch. They walk an peck with their orange bills.
Butterflies glide on the wind as black birds soar.

Thanks Buddha!

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