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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

About Last Night...

For the last couple of days, Florida has been experiencing an intense heat wave. It is an oppressive heat. The kind that when you walk out the front door, you feel like you are walking into an oven. We have been pressing on. The only thing to do is find water and swim. But even the water has seemed less appealing because of its luke warm temperature. My husband was off from work yesterday. We decided it would be a great time to build a garden. We started cantaloupe, cucumbers, and pumpkins from seeds about a week ago. They have already grown three inches. So we figured its now or never. We endured the heat. Then night fell.

After we put the kid to bed, we decided to catch up on season three of Heroes. One of our latest addictions via netflix. In our stupidity we decided to drink every time Claire Bear said she wanted to be normal. We also drank to other repetitive factors in the show. So three beers later..and I don't drink that often anymore. I walk outside and there is a huge lightening storm approaching. It was really an awesome sight. Florida is known for its lightening strikes but last nights storm was original to itself. The sky was lighting up with continual flashes.

We sat back down to watch Heroes. Then of course the power went out. That was around midnight. We opened the windows because of the intense heat. There was not a breeze to be found. We laid in bed dripping sweat. I filled a bag with ice and put it on my head. I have to throw away my pillow today. I cannot describe the misery. The heat is back today. I am dehydrated and hung over. And I was up all night long tossing and turning.
No fan
No air conditioning
No power until 6 A.M.
I guess we are in for a very long hot summer.

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