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Friday, March 6, 2009



I had found an old piece of furniture on the side of the road.

Yeah, I took it home and gave it a fresh new look. I used a distressing technique. Ipainted it orange and then rubbed a coat of wax over the paint. Then I painted it bright blue. It was a suitable piece of furniture. A kitchen hutch of some sort. My neighbor wanted to buy it. So, I sold it to him. All was good...

Then he say's,"Hey, I have this desk. Do you want it?"

This desk plagued me:

Over the course of a month, I made various boxes out of the wood. I removed nails and hardware. I placed small trinkets inside of the boxes. Everything that I did with the desk lead me to my own unsettlement. Then the cold weather came. Time to light a fire. The boxes burned green,blue,orange,and yellow. As for the rest of the desk....

I took a sledge hammer to it. Yeah, It was fun. I busted it apart. All that was left was the top of the desk. It's construction was perfect for a painting. So here it is. I named it "The Desk."

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